CEDRAL Perforated Closure (40 x 30mm x 2.5m | Aluminum)

by Cedral
£16.65 + VAT
An additional system trim, the 40mm Aluminium Perforated Closure and Insect Mesh Profile for Cedral may be used at the top and bottom of the Cedral Weatherboard Cladding to guard against debris and insect infestation.

Punched Closure The air flow gap behind the Cedral Weatherboard Cladding must be maintained in order for the entire façade system to function properly, therefore profile holes that are 3 mm by 10 mm and cover both the face and the trim leg ensure this.

To prevent insects, birds, or vermin from making a nest in a structure or occupying a nest there, Cedral Perforated Closure Profile and Insect Mesh Trim 40mm can be used to cap off battens above or below of any openings like windows and doors. This is done without obstructing any airflow.