87.5 Degrees 110mm Double Socket Rest Pipe Bend (Long Radius | Terracotta Orange)

£16.97 + VAT
Your underground drainage systems may be shaped with the 110mm Double Socket 87.5° Rest Bend thanks to its 110mm outer diameter. most frequently found at the bottom of a soil vent pipe, a drop shaft, or just below a downstairs toilet. enables the connection of additional 110mm plain-ended pipes and fittings.

Portable Underground Drainage PVC-U pipes that are made for strength and longevity. Suitable for high-temperature waste discharges and simple to deal with. The best pipe to use for building a dirt stack is 110mm pipe. When building a dirt stack, start at the bottom and work your way up. Jointing will be made easier if silicone lubricant is used on all seals.