Window & Door Accessory Help

The more measurements you can take the more helpful when selecting the correct replacement. The height and width of the back-plate, the distance between the centre of the handle and the centre of the cylinder, also the centres of any fixings and distances where these sit on the back-plate. Please see below Handle Replacement Form to help you fill in the required measurements.

Yes, if it’s possible to bring in your old handles we will be able to find the correct replacement. However, please be aware items may not be in-stock available to take away.

Yes, handles come left or right-handed.

Yes, our window handles are generic and fit most systems.

No, our handles and locks only usually require a screwdriver or drill-driver to change. Sometimes, you may need to crop locks down if your existing have been adapted to fit your frames.

Some vary, our handles come with the standard length shanks, which can be easily shortened to the correct length with an appropriate hack saw.