Trims & Cills Help

Trims can be cut using a pair of trim shears or a mitre saw with a finer tooth blade. However, fine tooth hand saws such as a plastic saw, or hack saw will work fine.

Dependant on what you are sticking to – we recommend solvent free adhesives, superglue & activator or silicone will all work well. Please contact us for suitability of product.

Yes, most trims are flexible. This helps with transporting and fitting. However, trims should be stored flat to avoid them losing their shape.

Yes, we do. There are various sizes depending on colour/style required. External cills are sold by the meter & may be special order, but we keep most in stock.

Depending on specifics of your job – A good low modulus silicone is best for external applications where you require a water repellent finish. However internally, if you are required to paint to the edges of a trim then a paintable caulk should be used.

The majority of our trims can be used both internally and externally.