FAKRO Centre Pivot Window (White PVC | 550mm x 980mm)

£373.36 + VAT

Fakro White uPVC Centre Pivot Window. 550 x 980 .uPVC double glazed window with laminated glazing with a uValue of 1.3.

Window uValue : 1.3 W/m2K.
Glazing uValue : 1.1 W/m2K.
Inert gas filled panes : argon.
Handle : elegant.
Unit Size: 1
Colour: White

Can be sent FREE to anywhere Mainland UK (Excludes Northern Ireland, Shetland Islands, Scotland Highlands, Isles Of Scilly, Isle Of Man And Channel Islands)

This is a white uPVC double glazed window with laminated glazing with a uValue of 1.3.

PTP is a unique product that combines aluminium and PVC construction. Designed for use in rooms with increased humidity such as bathrooms or kitchens.

The PTP window is a centre pivoting roof window, made of multi-chamber PVC-U profiles in white and reinforced with steel. This construction ensures very good stability and protects profiles against warping. The window uses a new aluminium profile to hold down the glass. The profile matches perfectly with the window's exterior and ensures the product's durability.

The window is durable, resists corrosion and weathering, and requires minimum maintenance. The window is made from a material that does not absorb any humidity and exhibits a high resistance to acids and alkaloids.

Window uValue : 1.3 W/m2K.
Glazing uValue : 1.1 W/m2K.
Inert gas filled panes : argon.
Handle : elegant.

PTP roof window is glazed with a thermo-insulating IG unit, using "warm" TGI spacer. The IG unit consist of 4H-16-4T, with an external toughened pane and an internal Low-E pane with U-factor = 1,0 [W/m2K] according to EN 674.

PTP roof window has a triple tightening system; clinging seal, border seal and also a seal in the profiles covering the frame sides.

New, white handle located at the bottom part of the sash allows easy operation of the window and also contains a two step ventilation system.

Aluminium profiles:
Externally the PTP window is covered with aluminium profiles, both sides covered with polyester coating, making them more durable and weather resistant. Trapezium shaped profiles are made of aluminium 1.0 mm thick, which results in higher durability of the aluminium elements, and better resistance to mechanical or transportation damage. Externally the PTP window does not differ visually from wooden windows.