CEDRAL Perforated Closure (50 x 30mm x 2.5m | Aluminum)

by Cedral
£16.65 + VAT
A universal aluminium L-shape system trim that may be used at the top and bottom of the Cedral Weatherboard Cladding to prevent insect infestation and debris is the Perforated Closure and Insect Mesh Profile 50mm for Cedral.

To maintain the air flow gap behind the Cedral Weatherboard Cladding, which is essential for the entire façade system, aluminium perforated trim has holes that are 3 mm by 10 mm on both the face and the trim leg.

To prevent insects, birds, or vermin from constructing nests inside of structures or occupying apertures like windows and doors, battens above or below those openings can be covered with 50mm Cedral Perforated Closure Profile and Insect Mesh Trim without obstructing any airflow.