CEDRAL Lap Internal Corner (3m | C05 Platinum Grey)

by Cedral
£30.50 + VAT
A W-shaped, complete, non-corrosive PPC aluminium trim that may be used to finish the corner where a Cedral plank meets an inside corner by forming a seal between the profile and the corner is known as an internal corner profile for Cedral Lap Beige C02 Cladding.

A 3m long Cedral Lap Weatherboard system profile, Beige C02 Aluminium Internal Corner Trim is comprised of 0.9mm thick aluminium that has been polyester powder coated for a high-quality, long-lasting finish.

The 35mm leg must be fitted behind the boards with this profile installed before them.

Cedral system trims often provide more design freedom and are stronger than uPVC items.

Excellent formability and good corrosion resistance are what set aluminium apart.