500mm Double Ended Square Joint (Foiled White)

£19.66 + VAT
The square double-ended joints, also known as joiners, are made particularly to cover 50mm and may be fastened to fascia boards that are 9mm, 16mm, and 22mm thick using super glue. These have two ends and are 500mm long.

Why pick our coloured goods? Foils that reflect heat.


A foil that reflects 80% of the sun's damaging rays covers the whole spectrum.
thicker than conventional foils by 12 times
The advantage of embossed surfaces over conventional foils
Touch and sight reveal the woodgrain impression
thin by 250 microns
Length of Item: 500mm
Width of the item: 50mm
BSI-approved accreditations; 10-year guarantees
500mm Foiled White Square Fascia Joint, uPVC Product Type