Cladding Help

Please follow this link to our cladding calculator:

There are several styles & colours available. Please follow this link to our cladding visualiser:

Yes, to avoid warping and ensure that any trapped moisture is expelled. Air gaps should be maintained using appropriate trims available.

All supplied trims will allow for the expansion (refer to install guide) and cover these gaps.

Yes, brochures are available below - these show installation guides and available profiles. Colour samples & brochures are also available in-store for you to take away.

Some Cladding is designed to be only fitted horizontally or vertically, however; some can be fitted both ways. Please make sure your product meets the desired specification of your job before ordering.

Clean Freefoam cladding with cold or lukewarm water. If necessary, add mild household cleaning detergent that does not contain solvents. You can also use High Pressure washer (on half power) to clean cladding. Do not use solvents or aggressive cleaning products. Start at the top. At least once a year is recommended.

Please refer to the technical section in the download link below.