Bathroom Panels Help

This can be dependent on situation and desired cut. A new sharp fine-tooth hand saw, cutting from the face side works well. However, cutting from the back, a Circular saw using a clamped straight edge for guidance gives the best cut. A jigsaw can also be used to cut radius’ when the panels are face down.

Yes, providing the walls are relatively even and dry, our wall panels can be fitted over existing tiles. However, it is important to select the correct adhesive to fix the panels. We recommend using STIXALL every time, available in store or online.

Our panels are tongue and groove along the vertical side. This means when fitting continuous panel runs boards can be interlocked to create a seamless effect. However, when the boards are cut (losing either the tongue or groove) a ‘H’ trim profile can be used to join boards. Please ask in store for guidance.

We have a variety of trim profiles, styles and colours available in different finishes.

Fix the boards using a suitable shower-panel sealant to form a strong secure bond with a high degree of elasticity to allow for any expansion or contraction. We recommend using STIXALL every time, available in store or online.

We keep high stock levels in stock for the most popular items. Anything that we don’t have in stock is ordered and expected to arrive to us with in a couple of days. Then we’ll arrange with you the best delivery time and date.