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Home Improvement Trends 2018

At Horizon Plastics, we like to continually make sure we are keeping up with all the needs and requirements of our customers to make sure the products and service they receive are exactly what they want. In return, we like to keep our customers informed of the latest trends, styles and products that are available to allow them to make better informed choices when selecting any renovation or home improvement product.

That is why we have compiled five of the most anticipated popular trends for 2018!

Large Feature Windows


The growth in outdoor living has driven demand for opening glass walls and lift-and-slide doors, as well as larger windows mulled together” (JELD-WEN, 2018). Also homeowners are keen to maximise natural light and make the very best of any panoramic views or scenery they may have around their homes. The advancements in manufacturing and materials has meant that windows and doors can be made bigger than ever and contain a greater glass to frame ratio. This allows homeowners to maximise the light flooding into their home but also create accessible transitions between their inside and outside spaces during the warmer months. Previously, these types of products would of all been considered a luxury home addition largely too expensive for the standard homeowner but they are now a main-stream home improvement product for all homeowners (JELD-WEN, 2018).

A facet of this growth centres around the increased popularity for large feature windows. Shuttercraft express that feature windows allow homeowners to create fantastic views from their properties on any level of their home and make ultimate use of natural light from outside to light their home. The latter point has become even more pertinent in recent years with the ever rising energy prices and rapidly depleating fossil fuels meaning that investing in electrical lighting  can be expensive to run long term. Large feature windows offer the natural lighting alternative.

The brilliance of a feature window is that homeowners can be as creative as they like. Incorporating angles and curves into a feature window is all possible, which allows homeowners to make each window unique to their needs but also the contours and layout of their home. Along with the ability to style and colour the window frames and glass in pretty much any colour or style, means that homeowners are in ultimate control of the feature window they select and the way it shines natural light through their property.

Bold Coloured Entrance Doors


 The layout and aesthetics of the front of any home can quickly set the trend to any visitor or welcome guest. Certainly the entrance to a home is commonly considered by homeowners as the ultimate gateway to the property. That is why front doors are rapidly becoming a statement addition to most homes. The recent past in entrance doors has revolved around uPVC white doors as a the functional, secure, cost-effective addition that creates the welcoming entrance but also the protective barrier between the home and the outside. Now though, homeowners are realising that alternative options exist outside the normal standard and they are embracing aluminium and even composite doors as a credible entrance door system. Along with manufacturing developments, doors can pretty much be any layout, style, material and colour imaginable in 2018.

All of this has contributed to the anticipated trend that BOLD colours are in for 2018. George Clarke suggests that people want to make a positive change for each new year and in terms of homeowners, bold coloured doors seem to be the statement people are looking to make (Country Living, 2018). Bright vibrant colours such as red, yellow and even purple are being tipped to be the colours of choice in entrance doors for 2018 because they can really lift any home and the entrance to it.

Thanks to the RAL colour scheme system, pretty much any colour option is available to homeowners. Whether they want a bright duck egg blue door with traditional door accessories or a vibrant red door with contemporary long handle and curved glass, all options are available to them. Homeowners should be encouraged to push the boundaries of colour and make that expressive entrance that reflects the home and the homeowner (Country Living, 2018).

Integral Blinds


Despite the continued growth of people choosing to modernise their home with stylish windows & doors in a range of sizes and colours, window accessories and especially window blinds seems to be on the decline. Commonly people are moving away from traditional vertical blinds because they are Outdated, while being difficult to operate, clean and seem to be disturbed by the lightest breeze” (Shuttercraft, 2017).

That is why integral blinds are quickly becoming the recommended and preferred choice when opting for a product to provide privacy, light and temperature regulation in any room. Also they are easy to operate and have zero cleaning hassle. The secret is in the way they are constructed.

Traditional vertical blinds are attached to the frame after the window is installed and operate as an exclusively separate system. Where as integral blinds are installed within the double glazed unit of your window or door. They can seamlessly slide up and down to your requirements thanks to a compact magnetic pulley system that gentle guides the integral blind. All this means they are easy to operate without any cleaning hassle while effectively regulating your room temperature all year round. Massive choice of styles, features and colours are available also, meaning you are not limited in the style you want or the colour scheme you wish to achieve.

Splashes of Colour


Colour and vibrancy are not just restricted to entrance doors in 2018. It is anticipated that splashes of colour are on trend for 2018 and that includes the home improvements market. With Pantone’s announcement that the colours of 2018 will be Violet Purple and Vivid Red, homeowners are expected to embrace bold colours within their home improvements (Shuttercraft, 2017). Whether making that bold statement with an entrance door, or just offering a notable contrast to woodgrain windows frames, homeowners are becoming increasingly likely to utilise colour in any home improvement change planned for the coming year. This is not to say that the popular white or natural wood-effect colours are going to be rapidly replaced by a plethora of bright coloured window frames in 2018. Instead it is suggested that homeowners will look to brighten their existing home and its external/internal aesthetics with splashes of colour creating contrast and noticeable features.

The options in the home improvement market are vast nowadays so homeowners have an expansive pool to select from. Window or door frames can be coloured to any particular tone thanks to the RAL colour chart. Double glazed units can be expertly crafted to embrace coloured lines, patterns or designs. Even the window and door handles can be plated in a coloured finish if required. The choices are almost infinite!

Conservatories & Sunrooms


For a number of years, increasing the size of any home has been the decision between a purpose built extension or a conservatory/sunroom. The Windows Active journalist John Cowie conveys that in the past, conservatories/sunrooms have never been a huge factor in the lucrative extension market when compared to purpose built extensions. Commonly the way off between the two battling commodities has focused on the critical factors of retaining heat, cost and aesthetic appeal. Customers were finding conservatories/sunrooms lacked heat retention during the winter and coolness during the summer, which ultimately made them rooms only accessible in optimum temperature conditions (Jeff Howell, Telegraph, 2012). Therefore they were considered an expensive addition to your home when you considered how little you could use them.

However in 2017, a tidal shift was experienced in the extension market driven by homeowners themselves. This resulted in conservatories/sunrooms being considered the equal match to purpose built extensions and even being tipped to be the preferred choice going forward into 2018 (John Cowie, 2017). The primary reason given is orangery and warm roof systems are revolutionising the conservatories/sunrooms market.

These energy efficient systems are allowing homeowners to transform their existing conservatory/sunroom into an all year round living space simply by replacing the roof. The warm roof market has exploded in recent years and it is projected to continue to grow and develop into 2018 and beyond. Home sales are on the decline, meaning homeowners are seeking to improve their own homes instead and with warm roofs and orangery roof systems, homeowners are opting to select a conservatory/sunroom to increase living space.

Warm and orangery roofs are available in a wide choice of styles and aesthetics to match or contrast your property. Also they are critically designed to simply replace your existing conservatory/sunroom roof rather than needing an expensive and time consuming renovation from scratch. Also if you are considering a brand new conservatory/sunroom, building them from scratch is widely considered a cheaper option when compared to traditional purpose built extensions (John Cowie, 2017). Ultimately you can have an all year round living space in 2018 that is cheaper than you might expect.



Some trends may be a flash in the pan while others may last for years to come. However, the overriding theme is that with modern technological advancements in manufacturing and design, homeowners are now more than ever in control of what they want and how they want it made, designed and installed. At Horizon, we have expertly trained staff that can help you select the product you want in the style and colour you desire but also give impartial advice on what will suit your home and work best for your needs. Nothing is beyond us and you can rely on us to make your ideas possible and help you create that home improvement that you can enjoy and be proud of for many years to come!

To find out more about the products discussed, or to speak to one of our dedicated team about any of the products we can supply, why not visit our CONTACT US page today!

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